How can I block an email address?

If you find that you receive a lot of spammails you can add addresses to the spam filter in eControlPanel. First, log in to the control panel.

Once you are logged in press the tab Email. Then there is a tab on the left where it says Spamfilter. Here you have the opportunity to choose between Whitelist or Blacklist.

  • Blacklist should you choose when you do not want to receive emails from an email or domain.
  • Whitelist means that the emails you received from the specified address always will be received.

Whether you choose the whitelist or blacklist, press the add record button. Then choose whether this rule applies to one of the email accounts that are created or whether it should apply to your entire domain. Next enter the email address you want to block. Do you wish to block the whole domain, and not just a simple address, just type an @ followed by the domain you want blocked (eg or It is important that you write everything that stands in the address after the @ if you want to block these emails only with the domain.

Now you just need to save.

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