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Business Overview

As the Internet has evolved, there is now also good breeding ground for smaller companies. Regardless of size, small businesses can now also use the net to get benefits that were previously reserved for the big ones - such as the opportunity to be seen by customers worldwide. The Internet has opened a world of opportunities. At, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses online and enable them to realize their dreams and become self-reliant, entrepreneurs, creative and financially independent. We were pioneers in the field of acquiring specific "web addresses" (known as domain registration) and today offer a wide selection of web-based products. In addition to domain registration, we offer design and hosting, e-store solutions, online security products and cloud server solutions.

Why choose us?

With experience dating back to 1999, we have made it simple and affordable for our customers to create and manage an online profile. Customers all over the world have shown us their trust by letting us manage their domains, ebooks and websites. Although we are a technical company, we have specialized in support for not IT savvy, and that is one of the things we do best. When we make it easy for smaller companies to come online - through our services and unique support - they can instead spend their time and energy on what they are good at.

We help small and medium-sized businesses

We have been a small company ourselves. We have faced the same types of challenges that all other small businesses face. We have asked the same question that we have fought the same matches, and even though we have grown larger over the years, we understand smaller companies that only a few others do. No other company offers as wide a range of products within domain registration, web presence and online marketing as us.

Our services
We offer a number of solutions for both private and business