Fighting junk mails

It is important to know the difference between junk and spam mail.

Spammails are those you did not sign up whereas junkmails are those you've actually signed up for - most often in the case of competitions where you accept mileage of terms.

Many companies are doing competitions to attract a lot of private information about people, and then sell this information to interested buyers. Typically junkmails will be very similar, ie. you may receive daily offers on loans, phones, etc. while spammails come sporadically with different content and suspicious links. Junk mail will therefore either directly or indirectly be content you signed up for at some point.

We are not able to filter these out as they typically follow current standards and include unsubscription links.
You have these two options:
- Follow an unsubscribe link typically located at the bottom of the specific email.
- Create a new email account concurrently, which you will eventually use as a primary account

We advise that you do not mark junk mail as spam, as this will weaken the functionality of the spam filter and cause major issues associated with mail indexing.
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