How do I create a subdomain?

In this guide your domain name will be refered to as
It is to be replaced by your own domain name, when following the guide.

Start by entering the Customer login at and create a DNS record for the desired subdomain.

Fill the values as shown below. Subnavn has to be replaced by the desired name of your subdomain (without and has to be replaced by your domainn ame.

DNS Record

Login in to your eControlPanel and go to the tab Sites -> Subdomain for website


    • Under Host enter the name of the desired subdomain (without
    • Under Domain select the parent domain of your subdomain.
    • Under Redirect Type select No flag.
    • Under Direct Path type the folder your subdomain has to point to including a forward slash (/) in the beginning and at the end.
    • Check Active.

Then logon to FTP and under web create the folder you specified under Direct Path above (without forward slahes).

The files placed in this folder will be visiable from your newly created subdomain.

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